Types of Insurance Policies You Need

We can’t prevent loses from happening but sometimes we can protect ourselves and our families from the worst of the financial fall out. Many types of insurance are available, but nobody wants to spend more than they really need to. Selecting the right type and amount of insurance must always be based on your specific situation.

Factors such as children, age, lifestyle, and employment benefits plays a role. Nevertheless, there are toesof insurance policies that most financial experts recommend everybody have: life, health, auto, and long-term disability.  Read on to find out more before getting and comparing insurance quotes.


Life insurance provides for your family if your demise happens. This is mainly important if your family is dependent on your salary. Experts suggests a policy that pays out 10 times your yearly income. Butnot everyone can afford the cost. When estimating the amountof life insurance, you need, factor in funeral expenses, then calculate your family’s daily living expenses.

These may include mortgage payments, outstanding loans, credit cards debts, taxes, child care and future college costs. Don’tforget to consider any other sources of family income. There are two basic types of life insurance that is traditional whole life and term life. Whole life can be used as an income tool while term lfe cover you for a set amount of time.


Research shows that only a few percentage of people without health insurance. More than 60% get their insurance cover through an employer or in the private insurance marketplace while the rest were covered by the government subsidized programs including Medicare and Medicaid benefits programs.

Having medical insurance means that you have no reason to avoid annual wellness visit for an occasional ailment. And you will never get stuck in a massive bill if you or a member of your family has an accident or chronic condition. If you have a tight budget, even a minimal health insurance policy is better than none. If your income is low, you may also be eligible for other policies.

Stella Tennant

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